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Improve the Look of your Bathroom with Top Mount Vessel Sinks

There are few areas within a home that can elicit an emotional reaction from people that spend time in that space. Kitchens are typically the first room that owners and visitors alike will have an emotional reaction to in response to a new design feature. Bathrooms are another space where this is possible. In a room where not many glamorous things happen, it is possible to spruce up the look with the use of top mount vessel sinks. These sinks sit on top of the counter space rather that underneath. They come in many elegant designs that can truly transform the way a bathroom looks and feels.

One of the nice features of installing this type of sink is that there isn’t as much work in terms of cutting a hole in a counter. The sink simply needs a hole for the drain because the rest of the vessel sits on top. This also allows for changes to be made in a much simpler fashion down the road. The use of this type of sink can also allow for a bit more counter space as they do take up less overall room that an under mount sink.

The vessel sinks are also very affordable. Like any trend, when these fist became popular they were quite costly. With the increase in popularity over time, these have become much easier on the budget with some very attractive designs coming in around one hundred dollars. There are also many options for faucets with these sinks to give the bathroom a customized look.

The style that this type of sink adds to a bathroom is the main reason people have them installed. The sinks come in bowl or rectangular shapes with a wide array of finishes. Due to the entire sink being exposed, it can become a focal point of the room. There are designs that are more rustic or primitive as well as all the most modern designs. There are also designers out there that have re-purposed old wash basins, pottery or even galvanized buckets. The height of these sinks can also be an advantage for people because there is much less bending over needed to use them.