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3 Reasons Why Singapore Residents Install Lifts in Their Homes

Not long ago it was rare to find lifts in Singapore homes. They were generally limited to multi-story buildings and retailers, who used them to carry cargo or passengers. However, in recent years there has been an increased demand for home lift installation in Singapore. Area residents often choose stylish versions that increase home values. Modern residential lifts are also convenient and offer a safe alternative for those who have trouble climbing stairs.

Residential Lifts Increase Property Values

Homeowners who install residential lifts often recoup their investments when they sell their homes. Lifts are typically viewed as accessibility items and even the most physically active buyers tend to look ahead to the years when they might need help getting around homes. Modern lifts are also beautifully designed and can add a touch of luxury to homes, which also increases property values.

A Lift Adds Functionality

Installing a residential lift also makes a home more functional. Residents are able to move heavy or bulky items more easily. They can use a lift when they have been injured or are not feeling well and want to avoid walking up a long flight of stairs. A lift makes it easier to carry in groceries and put away laundry. A redecorating or remodeling project is much easier when materials can be transported conveniently in a lift.

Lifts Can Make Homes Safer

Many homeowners have lifts professionally installed as safety features. Lifts make it easier and safer for elderly or physically challenged family members to move from floor to floor. That can be especially important if they are wheelchair bound. Owners also add lifts so that they do not have to worry about young children falling down flights of stairs. In fact, some clients build new, multi-story homes with no stairs, but several lifts. Some very large homes also include cargo lifts that are used exclusively to move materials.

Residential lifts are surprisingly common in Singapore, especially among homeowners who need a safe way for the elderly, physically challenged, or very young to move between floors. Owners also add lifts in order to add home functionality and increase property values.