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Surely My Driving Isn’t All That Bad, Is It?

When many people get traffic tickets, they assume the law enforcement official is wrong, or must have them mistaken for someone else, especially when it comes to bad driving. The fact is, a lot of people simply don’t realize how terrible their driving may be, especially when they are busy chatting with someone in the car or on their cell phones. Thus, when stopped, people will usually ask, “Surely, my Driving Isn’t All Bad, Is It? Read on to find out the different scenarios that put people in the bad driving category.

Scenarios of Bad Driving

When an officer stops a driver and gives him or her a ticket for reckless driving, a good portion of the time it is because the driver is drunk and doesn’t realize that he or she is driving recklessly. Drunk driving charges are serious and can lead to serious consequences for the one charged with such. Another scenario with bad driving has to do with something else that is illegal: texting and driving, which so many people are guilty of. Drivers are treated harshly if they have this offense, as in many states, it is already against the law to text while driving.

Other Scenarios of Bad Driving

People talking on cell phones also are good candidates for reckless driving, as they tend to pay little attention to what is going on around them. Once again, this is another charge the driver could face stiff penalties for, because of the negligence associated with it. Drivers can also face getting stopped for reckless driving when they have been on the road too long, and may be getting drowsy. There are many other scenarios that could occur, but the driver who is stopped will need to call an attorney.

Who to Call in New Orleans

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